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JoatU is being built via crowd-sourced TALENT. Do you have a SKILL that you’d like to DONATE to help us get our site built and spread the word about all things JoatU?

By working with us, you can receive Community Action PointS (CAPS) and are helping support the Open Source Movement and Sharing Economy.

If you have at least 10 hours per month to dedicate to the project and the intrinsic motivation to work, we can find a position for your talent.

We’re currently seeking VOLUNTEERS for (but not limited to) the following positions:

– Self-motivated & challenge-oriented open source programmer
– Ruby on Rails 4
– PostgreSQL (Postgis a plus)
– API development
– Coffeescript and HAML
Front-End Designer
JoatU has a logo that we like. Everything else is up for discussion.  Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as HTML and CSS are necessary.  Knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap, Glyphicons and/or Fontawesome are plusses.
Graphic Designer
Our graphic designer will work with branding and communications to develop imagery to fit JoatU’s brand. Knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator is required.
Business Development
Focuses on growing the business. Works on corporate development. Works with legal, financial and accounting aspects of JoatU. Forecasting and financial planning.
Strategist/Internal Organization
The strategist helps determine JoatU’s short, mid, and long-term strategy and helps create achievable benchmarks to attain these.
Branding & External Communications
Our branding coordinator will work in concert with the other members of the team to help shape JoatU’s brand. Strong writing skills, knowledge of Mailchimp and writing press releases is advantageous.
Event Planning
An interest in organizing and planning events such as workshops, cultural and educational events and JoatU meetups.  This person works with the communications manager to help promote events. Knowledge of Mailchimp and Eventbrite are a plus.
Public Relations
Maintains our public image and relationships with press. Works closely with branding.
Human Resource Manager
The human resource manager will work with our strategists to determine short-term and long-term roles within JoatU, to develop appropriate job descriptions, and to seek out new participants interested in working on JoatU.
Grant Writing
Research into grants and strong writing skills in English are necessary.
Social Media Strategist
The social media strategist will help generate content and manage JoatU’s social media campaign and work on strategy for short, mid and long-term.
Economic Theorist/Strategist
– help develop JoatU’s economic model
– comparison work with other economic models
– research in economic theory
WordPress Manager
The wordpress manager will help maintain and manage JoatU’s wordpress account.  Creativty required.
Have you worked with JoatU in the past?  Please be sure to fill out the Past Volunteers Survey!