JoatU wouldn’t be where we are today without the collective ideas of literally thousands of friends, family and strangers across North America and throughout the world. Thank you to everyone who has ever shared a discussion about JoatU.

Here is where we would like to modestly acknowledge those that have taken the time to help us get to this point (presented in no particular order):

Alain, Johnny, Jeanne, Jamie, Carl, Yutaka, Alain, Steve, Amir, Danny, Fabian, Eric, Jon, Mary, Peter, Shayna, Hanna, Muhammad, Michael, Steph, Chantal, Philippe, Zach, Dylan, Viviane, Christale, Marie-Lynn, Juan, Georgina, Adrienne, Sarah, Olivia, Felix, Danielle, Jackie, Pierre, Thomas, Alecska, Iris, Christine, Andrew, Alex, Michael, Samuel, Inez and more!

Thank you for the open source code contributions and financial contributions too!