Grass to Gardens : JoatU’s Community Initiative

JoatU : Grass to Gardens ioby campaign  Grass to Gardens Initiative

The community is everything.  Absolutely everything.  JoatU wouldn’t even be an idea if not for the concept of community.

So what better way to reach out to the community than to plant vegetable gardens in their front yards?  Food brings people together, we know this.  So let’s plant the seeds (literally) to bring people together!

C/O Cycle Alimenterre

C/O Cycle Alimenterre

JoatU has enlisted the help and support from Coop Sur Genereux, a cooperative home in Plateau Mont-Royal of eleven years to help organize this great feat.  We will be planting a series of raised-bed boxes that will be overflowing with fresh produce to be shared by land owners and volunteers.

We have also gathered some permaculture experts from Valhalla & Cycle Alimenterre to help lead educational workshops and to help create beautifully crafted vegetable boxes.

And on top of all this, we have already raised over $2000 thanks to Coop Sur Genereux, JoatU, and the Neighborhood2Neighborhood grant!  Help us raise the rest to get our project up and running!  For every dollar we raise, the grant will double it!  So every donation really counts!

Our next steps are getting community donations, finding the supplies we need, the yard space to plant in, and the volunteers to help make this happen in spring 2015

Can you help with any of the following materials?  Or are you interested in volunteering in some way?  Click Contact and let us know!

Space to work
Wood (12ft 2×8 or scrap)
Table Saw
Truck (for delivery)
Wheel Barrel
Chicken Wire
Irrigation Tubing
PVC Piping
Soil Rake

Want to learn more about JoatU?  Enjoy this interview I just did with Valhalla!

2 thoughts on “Grass to Gardens : JoatU’s Community Initiative

  1. patrick

    can’t take your offer for ‘box’, but would be VERY interested next spring in buying for a mix handful of seeds to grow the plants. CanadianTire charge so much for one single bag/type of seed. I would like to just have a few of each type but many types. Would be more than willing to let you make a reasonable profit as a donation. anything extra that I cannot eat, I’ll give away to somebody in need.

    1. jamie klinger Post author

      Let us know what kind of seeds you’d be interested in and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂 If you’d like to make a donation on the campaign, we get $2 for every $1 donated, so that would really help us out. Thanks!


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